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Why having a blog is important for your website?
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A blog mainly refers to showcasing the leadership and expertise on a topic, at the same time helps a website attract more traffic from search engines and social media. There are many reasons for you to have a blog on your website. Here are some:

Blog on Website

Improves Search Engine Visibility:

One of the primary goals of having a blog is to attract more traffic to your website. More blog posts mean more indexed pages in search engines which ultimately increases your chances to rank for more keywords and drive traffic. The blog strategy is lifelong; you can get traffic even after months or years of publishing the blog. The use of targeted keywords and topics will naturally help your organic rankings. Consistent blogging will let Google and other search engines index new content giving you an opportunity to rank well for the keywords and topics you are talking about.

Justifies your expertise:

Publishing a blog gives your company a voice on its services and certain topics you talk about. It makes your company stand tall when you talk around the topics you serve. A clearly well-written article will demonstrate your company as an Industry Leader. This is the place where you show your expertise and skills to convince your customers. So if you are constantly sharing blogs around trending topics, this will ultimately build more trusts to your audience or users.

Engage users through social media

One of the most powerful benefits of blogging is allowing your content to be shared by users. This creates awareness about the company and the topic, additionally helping you with more traffic. Promote your blogs on social media enriches your followers. Your blog on social media will help you drive high-quality engagement with your audience. You can even utilize blog content multiple times, highlighting different aspects of the post each time.

Increase your chances of inbound links

Having a blog on your website with relevant posts connect people with your brand. These blog posts increase your chances of inbound links. People who like reading your blog posts will definitely mention you over the internet ultimately gaining you more inbound links. And you know, inbound links are the lifeblood of any website. More inbound links will help you rank higher in search engines.

Businesses prioritizing blogs are more likely to achieve a positive ROI. Make blogging as an essential game plan to reach your target audience. Make it a part of your content strategy for 2020.

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