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MLM Software Development

Versatile Prime Infosoft well known for its MLM Software development. We develop customized MLM Software as per the client’s requirement. Our software is robust and integrated with rich features.

In the next paragraphs, we will cover the top MLM Business Plans and the significance of our MLM Software. This will help you to make better business decisions.

Binary MLM Software:

What is Binary Plan?

It employs a two-leg structure in your MLM Business. Each member or distributor associated is considered as a right or left subtree. One subtree is known as power or profit leg whereas the second subtree is known as profit or weak leg.

Our software reduces all the manual work done by MLM Businesses and keeps a track of complete reporting of downline in terms of income and expenditure. If you operate a Binary MLM Business, our Binary MLM Software is a must-have program to smoothen your business operations.

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Binary With Repurchase MLM Software

What is Binary with Repurchase Plan?

This plan addresses the pain point of marketing needs for every business. The MLM repurchase plan is based on promoting and selling products offered by a company which in turn saves you a lot of marketing funds to promote your business. This makes it the most popular MLM plan.

Our software efficiently manages the product catalog, inventory, and sales reports. You can also look after purchase history, receipt and billing for smooth operation.

Level Plan MLM Software

What is a Level Plan?

Level plan means level other networkers by giving them gifts or donations. It is considered to be the most straightforward MLM business idea in the network marketing industry and attracts a large number of members.

Some of the key features of our software are below:

  • Manage stored funds
  • Fund request
  • Wallet Statement
  • Receipt upload facility
  • Payout statement & more.

Matrix MLM Software

What is Matrix Plan?

Matrix plan is a pyramid structured business model. It is arranged in a way to have a fixed number of rows and columns. The limitation in the width is the motivation to hire more members in the downline. It also restricts the number of distributors you can sponsor on your first level, unlike any other MLM compensation plans.

Our software manages the most complex compensation plan smoothly. It increases the earning capacity of a part-time distributor. The calculator determines the specific commissions and monthly income based on the volume of sales. Contact us for a demo to evaluate all the features in detail.

If you operate any other MLM Plan, we also offer customized MLM Software. Call us: +91 99821 33276 or Email: info@versatileitsolution.com for a free software consultation.

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