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Follow these rules for a successful Bulk SMS Marketing
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Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS can be very tricky. When you think of launching this, you need to be sure that users didn’t get irritated. Extensively plan & utilize the campaign to get the best out of it. There are multiple reasons to do a Bulk SMS Marketing, some of these are:

  • It’s affordable: It is one of the most affordable marketing channels as opposed to any other digital or print media.
  • It reaches the most: Most of the Vendor claim close to 100% delivery rate.
  • Multi-Language Option: We, here at Versatile also offer multi-language options which means you can reach your local customers effectively. Sending messages in the local language has shown great responses.

There are best practices which you can follow to make it the most successful. Follow the rules below & you will get the max out of your campaign:

Market Valuable Offerings:

Plain marketing SMSs doesn’t do well. They don’t provide users any valuable information to act or react. Offer them something which they can’t resist. Some way or the other your offering should encourage them to reach out to you via call, email or taking an action to your offer. The offerings can be:

  • Buy 2 Jeans & Get 1 T-Shirt Free
  • 50% Discount, Only Today
  • Free Movie Ticket for Shopping Worth x amount.

Keep the text “to the point”:

Keep the text “to the point”. It should be short & concise with necessary details. Place your offer at the starting of the message. Busy people don’t love to read the whole message & you do not want to lose out here. At the same time, mention the details where they can claim the offer, e.g. Retail outlet or online or any other way.

Keep it exclusive:

This is one of the most important factors. You need to keep this exclusive. The other important aspect of this is you can effectively track the performance of the campaign when you keep this exclusive. You have all the necessary metrics right from the charges per SMS to what discount or rebate you are offering. What margins or profit you are going to make on each sale & at the end you have everything to calculate & measure the success of the campaign. This data will help you take better decisions & you can improve upon looking at the data as to what works & what’s not.


Termed as fear of missing out, it is the most common marketing strategy into eCommerce. It creates a sense of urgency & improves sales. The offer type can be:

  • Applicable only for today or till the stock lasts
  • Only for two days or over the weekends
  • Applicable only for the next two hours
  • Only 10 pieces left

Call to Action:

Include a relevant call to actions for a customer to act to. Add the details or link to the website if the offer can be redeemed online. Showcase the details of the address if it has to be redeemed at the outlet or ask them to call or request a call back for advance booking.

Use of Branding:

Use your brand name, it’s important to get the users to recognize your brand & improve your branding. Sooner or later the users will start knowing your brand & may help you with indirect sales.

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