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Innovative Ways To Promote Your MLM Business
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What is MLM?

MLM or multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy to sell products. The revenue in the MLM business is generated by non-salaried persons (when they sell products) whereas the earning of the participant is derived from a binary compensation commission system.

Myth: MLM & Direct Selling is the same!  

Direct selling or MLM is not the same things. Direct selling describes the business model where the contractors or independents sell the products of the company directly to the consumers. They can do this in multiple ways. Go door to door, promote the products online or circulate them into your network.

Now the MLM business model also does the same. The contractors or independents are required to sell the products of the company. The only difference is that the contractors also make money from recruiting others to work or sell the products of the company. So you make money by selling the products & you also make money when the recruiters you introduced to the company to sell the products.

The main reason for these two terms considers being the same because many direct selling companies are MLM. Some of the big names are Amway & Avon.

Unique Ways To Promote Your MLM

Website or Blog

Most of the MLM associates may not be aware of how to do this. But if you can consult to hire an MLM Software Development Company, this can be set up immediately. Basic SEO Stuff & efforts can bring you qualified leads. In today’s ear of technology, you don’t want to leave behind. Get technology to your advantage & leverage all the possible channels to generate business.

Social Media

Facebook has over 2 billion active users across the world which means you have a huge audience to market your business. MLM is widely popular across the world & social media can generate real customers for you. Choosing a vanity URL, giving your page a thematic look to MLM & promotional posts describing your products can engage a lot of audiences.

Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing helps in generating instant inquiries & is widely popular among the top giants from every industry segments. A user-friendly landing page with qualified keywords can definitely generate you leads which you can turn into customers. Testing small budget paid marketing campaigns on Facebook & Google AdWords are highly recommended.

Auto & Taxi Ads

Autos & Taxis are the most popular public transport & tying up with them to market your MLM business can bring you millions of impressions. This may not bring you instant sales but will be effective in branding & capturing the potential market. People will buy when they know you. Let them know you first.

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