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Fundamentals of web user interface design
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Web Design

The web user interface is the most important aspect of the interaction between a user and the website. It’s important to have your web looks good, at the same time it must be simple and comfortable to use. We are putting together some basic fundamentals of web user interface design; make sure to implement these while you create one for yourself.


The first and foremost principle is clarity. This means a user can easily navigate your whole website and recognize each and every element without any issue. Clarity is not only about visuals but also about the information you provide to the user, it should be accurate to avoid misleading any users using the site.

User-Centric Design

The design should directly connect your target audience. Make the information readily and easily available for users what they are looking for. An optimized web user interface design should be created by keeping the standard operating habits of a user in mind. The primary focus on the web user interface design is to make the website easy to understand and navigate.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is the most basic requirement of a website. As long as your design reduces the burden of users by keeping the operations simple enough, you are keeping users comfortable and happy and when you do that, you retain them.


Consistency is the main principle of any website. Maintain consistency in design and navigation to let the user find the needed information quickly. Inconsistency can mislead by creating a bad impression and ultimately letting the user leave the site. Consistency can be variable, it is a need, and you are free to upgrade the design as time passes by to give your audience a fresh feeling when they browse the new version of your website.


Visuals present on your site can help you distinguish the information easily. The visuals and text information should be aligned in a way to be visible as eye-catching content for the website. A visual hierarchy can force a user to focus on the element you want them to look.

Use of colors

One of the most important factors often overlooked is the color combination. It can negatively impact a user if you are not providing enough focus on the thing that matters. Colour of the buttons & contract effect of the site’s elements became important when played with colors. They need to be highlighted in a way where it is clear for a user to understand what information is important.

Web user interface design focuses mainly on information communication through visuals. The visual information should be clear and effective. These fundamental principles will surely increase the engagement of the users with the website.



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