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Key benefits of using Bulk SMS Marketing
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Bulk SMS Promotion

Bulk SMS Solution is one of the most effective modes for businesses to market their products or services. Over the last few years, “Bulk SMS” has evolved into an effective platform to utilize for marketing. Bulk SMS is an easy way to educate customers about your products or services. For sure, using Bulk SMS service has endless benefits; but we have enlisted the best ones for you to check out:

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Instant Delivery

One of the best features that instant delivery offers is that “Instant Delivery” is fast and reaches instantly to most of your customers. Unlike any other messaging service, you do not have to worry about your messages being delivered.


It provides you the most readability. We all have the common behavior to immediately read the messages. The service providers claim up to 95% and some even 100% of readability which is great. No other tool has such higher readability, for instance, email may or may not be read by the end-user but the SMS will be for sure.


Bulk SMSs provide you with the utmost reliability. It has no spam filter like in emails, thus, making every SMS reachable to your customers without any hassle.

Improved Conversions

Higher readability is directly proportional to higher conversions. If your offer or service is competitive in price with a quality deliverable, you can expect better results from targeted SMS campaigns.


Bulk SMS is one of the most affordable marketing media. The per SMS price ranges from 13 paise to 15 paise based on various parameters followed by the vendors. This makes it the best bet. No other marketing platform is cheaper than this. It is always a good idea to set aside a small budget for Bulk SMS to market your business or products or services.


It allows you to personalize the messages based on customer behavior or recent purchase history. Let your customers feel special. This will connect the users with your brand and improve engagement.

SMS is ubiquitous

Unlike most other marketing services and messaging platforms, SMS does not require an app or software to be accessed.

Above all, Bulk SMS is one of the best platforms to circulate new offers or product launches. It gives a significant boost to your engagement and creates awareness. While finalizing a vendor, do not always go with the cheapest price; make sure you are aware of their quality of services. A little higher amount for a better quality deliverable is worth to pay. If you ever want to more about it, do not hesitate to call: +91 99821 33276 or email: info@versatileitsolution.com


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