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Android Vs IOS: Your Preferred Mobile Application
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Android and IOS Applications

Are you planning to develop a mobile application for your business? How do you choose between Android Vs IOS? Well, we will make it easy for you. It primarily depends upon your business objective and it is always recommended to develop mobile applications for both platforms but again not every company has the budget. So, here we are with a comparison that will help you chose amongst the two as your preferred mobile application to develop.

Android IOS
Malware Android OS allows third-party app installation on mobile phones which can lead to increased chances of malware. Malware chances are extremely rare they don’t allow app installation outside the app store.
Mobile Payments Android Uses Google Pay Apple iOS Uses Apple Pay
Market Share Android is leading the market share by capturing 88% Android Smart Phones In 2018, 217 million iOS Smart Phones sold while 1.3 billion Android Phones sold in 2017
Development Complexity Android app development is more complex and time taking due to a higher number of devices with different screen sizes. IOS app development is less complex due to a low number of devices i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod
Development Cost It is not easy to evaluate the cost because it is not only the time taken to develop an app but also the hardware used to process the development. Android applications are considered expensive due to their time taking process of development IOS apps on the other side are developed using Xcode which runs only on Mac. Therefore the hardware cost of buying a Mac adds a significant cost to the development.
Target Audience It is considered that iPhone users are mostly coming from Media, Marketing or Business segment iPhone users generally belong to high-end salaries Android Users are mostly coming from IT and other general sectors. Android users are coming from all the verticals; the majority of the audience is on the lower salary side as compared to the iPhone.

We hope this table might help you decide which would be a prominent mobile application development platform for your business. In case you are still confused, we are making it a lot easier, please answer the questions below.

Asses yourself on the questions below and decide which to choose – Android vs iOS?

  • You want your product to reach a wider audience – Android
  • Your products are expensive and generate higher revenue per user – iOS
  • Already have android resources and do not want to incur additional hardware cost – Android

Final Words

Android’s connection to Google products and services is more useful as compared to Apple’s products. We will help you evaluate your requirement & suggest the best option to choose for your mobile application requirement. Contact Us.


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